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August 1, 2007

New Mixbook Widget

Now you can share your Mixbook with the world! Today is the big debut of our Mixbook widget – which will now enable you to embed your books in a blog, myspace, facebook, or any other webpage. This is an exciting day for us, since NO OTHER photo book site has this ability.

This will allow your blog readers and friends to preview your photo book creation on your own site, and then visit the Mixbook site to comment on it, rate it, or even order a printed version for themselves.

Unfortunately for us, WordPress does not allow embedding, but if you visit our myspace page, you can see our widget in action. Please go to

Let us know if you like this new feature – we’d love to hear from you! And be on the lookout for even better features from us, we’ve got a lot in store for the future.

Though I must say, this widget is too cool for school …


July 27, 2007

Update on Ordering

Hi Mixbookers!

I know many of you are eager to order your Mixbooks, and I want to let you know the process that we’ve been going through and when you will be able to order. At Mixbook, we strive to give you the highest quality possible in our printed books. Unfortunately, several of our first customers received books with weak binding – thus, the books did not stand up to normal wear and tear as well as they should. Because of this, we took ordering down while we spent the past two weeks improving the binding of the books and testing our solution. I’m happy to say that we are nearly done with this process, and the binding is far improved and nearly matches the sturdy binding quality you would find in any bookstore.

On that note, we are going to be be turning ordering back on this weekend, so you will be able to order your Mixbooks very soon!

As for the $9.99 promotion that has been mentioned in so many blogs and articles – we will be extending the promotion to the middle of August to make up for the downtime in the ordering system. Look for more updates on this blog and the Mixbook home page on Monday.

Thanks all for your patience and understanding. We have a great product coming for you!

Chief Mixbooker

June 20, 2007

The Mixbook Beta Promotion

We’ve been so busy adding new features that we’ve hardly had time to update the blog. Watch for more on that soon. In the meantime, we have a great promotion that everyone should take advantage of: Beta Mixbookers get free books! Here’s how it works:

When you’re done making a book on the site, publish it and make it public. Then, click the Order button on the book’s page, and we will automatically credit your free book in the checkout process (S+H not included)! For every book you make, you will get the first copy free if you order it before June 25, so get started now!

If you’re already on Mixbook, check out our beta promotion page for more information. If you’re not on yet, then put a comment on this post and we’ll make sure you get an invite soon!

June 14, 2007

Wanna get on Mixbook?

Are you desperately in need of a Mixbook account? We sent out the first 50 invites today, and we’ll be sending out more over the next couple of days and weeks until launch. If you want a Mixbook account, put a comment on this post, and we’ll send you an invite!

P.S. Stay tuned for information about our “Make a Mixbook, Get a Mixbook” promotion – beta users get free printed books!