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September 20, 2011

Documenting Your Child’s School Year

girl drawing
Back to School season may be over and done with but the school year is just getting started. Now is the perfect time to start a personal yearbook for your child to document their accomplishments throughout the year so they can look back and reflect on all their achievements. These books are perfect for sharing with long distance family members or make a neat show and tell item.

Art projects
Some of the most visually captivating and colorful images are of arts and crafts projects. We suggest taking digital photographs of your child’s artwork or, if possible, scanning the image and uploading the picture. There is so much you can do with this section! Make stickers and backgrounds out of their creation or use parts of it as a page trim or border to create a custom theme through your photo book.

Academic progress
When I was growing up, nothing made me prouder than to show off good report card grades and high scores on my homework or tests. Add a brag book section for your child to show off all their accomplishments; they will feel good about themselves knowing that all their hard work is being acknowledged.

Field Trips and School Events
Do you love volunteering to chaperone school trips and functions? It’s also a great time to sneak in a few photos of your child in their natural environment with their friends and classmates. If you do not have time to attend, you could always ask the chaperoning parent(s) to help document all the fun times and special moments for you.

Extracurricular Activities
Is your child an athlete? Starring in the latest high school play? Or maybe he or she spends her time championing causes with bake sales. Document all the activities in which your child takes part that sets them apart from everyone else and their school year experience.

I hope this gives you some great ideas for your child’s yearbook! Now go grab your camera and start capturing all the school year moments you and your family would want to look back and reflect on.

Happy Mixbooking!

finger painting

September 6, 2011

One Simple Trick to Take Better Photos

If you’re like me, you might be wondering why your photographs look nothing like the ones your photo savvy friends take. Yes, it might be because they have more years of practice or the latest snazzy camera, but I’m here to let you in on a not-so-secret tip to make your photos look much nicer. One of the first lessons most people are taught in photography to help create more balanced looking pictures is known as the Rule of Thirds. To follow this rule, you will need to imagine your image being divided by 2 horizontal, and 2 vertical lines, creating 9 evenly sized boxes (see the image that looks like a tic-tac-toe grid?). At the intersections of these lines, marked in the second image by green circles, are the places you want to center the focus of your photograph. Many digital cameras have the option to display a grid to help you with positioning you picture.

gridgrid intersections

Placing the most important elements on the intersections usually creates photos that are more aesthetically pleasing. Below is an example photograph that follow the Rule of Thirds.

rule of thirds photorule of thirds grid

Don’t worry if your previous photographs don’t follow the Rule of Thirds. You can always go back and crop your images to make them just right. Take a look at the photo we fixed up by cropping off the edges.

family photographcropped family photograph

Keep in mind that this rule is just a guideline.. Feel free to play around with other compositions to get the look you like. After all, you’re capturing sights and moments the way you want to remember them!