About Mixbook

Mixbook.com allows you to create photo books with your friends and family about memorable events, the everyday moments and all the things that are important in your life. You can collaborate with others to design custom books that we will print and ship right to your door – for you to keep or to give as a gift! Mixbooks can be shared online or as coffee-table quality printed books.

Check us out at http://www.mixbook.com!

10 Comments to “About Mixbook”

  1. I’d like to order mixbook. Do you have a cost list?


  3. 20 12.99
    30 17.99
    40 22.99
    50 27.99
    60 32.99
    80 42.99
    100 52.99

  4. I was wanting to order a book but I didn’t find anywhere on the website what size that books actually are. Please let me know!! And also is the front and back considered one page or two pages? thanks

  5. I would also like to know what sizes and are these soft back or hard back?

  6. can Iuse a cd or do my pictures have to be jpegs

  7. Who prints the mixbooks?

  8. Dearest Penny,
    To one of the most beautiful souls on our planet!!
    Thank you so much for being the exquisite light that shines so brightly amongst us… Your kind heart, ongoing generosity, limitless love, selfless service, and endearing compassion are truly guide posts for the rest of us to follow. How proud am I to know you! How honored I am to call you my friend!!
    Thank you, blessed one, for everything. And a special thanks from all the little angels with the golden glows, tender hearts, and their families who have been touched by your compassionate outreach and vision. You are truly amazing!!
    May you be blessed one thousand fold for all you have done for others!!
    With love always,
    Elissa Al-Chokhachy

  9. I was interested in putting my already made scrapbook pages into a mixbook – when I do so, it doesn’t show that the page will be hidden by the binding in the book; does it print exactly as it is shown when you are making the book, or do you have to allow for cropping? The idea is, I don’t want to print a whole book (which will be a large amount of pages) and find that I didn’t leave room for the gutters or where the binding is. Do you have any information on this or tips for those who want to put their already made scrapbook pages into a mixbook?

  10. been loving working on my book from my son’s wedding but have a major problem! Accidently hit the automix button, tried to cancel it but it autimixed anyway! and then wasn’t able to make the undo button work and now all my painstaking work is gone. 😦 Does anyone know how to retrieve it? Thanks

    ‘automixed” anyway. Was unable to undo

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