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January 23, 2009

New Mixbook Themes – Sometheme to Talk About

What’s the new feature that we’re so proud of? It sure is “sometheme to talk about!” (please forgive the cheesy puns)

Mixbook now has themes available to help you create a book just like *that*! All you have to do is click on a theme of your choice, and we’ll load in all the backgrounds, layout pages, and stickers for that theme. Just upload and add your photos! You can manually put them into the book, or we can AutoMix them in the book for you! Could it be any cooler?

And with our Mixbook Editor, your theme photo book is still completely customizable — you can move things around, add new text, rotate objects and layer away! It’s all up to you. Here are just a few of the themes that we have available (there are still more to come!):

Winter Holiday by Vivian C.


Baby Girl by Lisa N.


Classy Wedding by Emily C.

classy_wedding_p1And two wonderful themes just in time for Valentine’s Day!

My Valentine by Brian T.

my_valentine_p1Ten Reasons Why I Love You by Alison T.

top_ten_reasons_p1We’ve made Mixbooking easy and fun, and we hope this inspires you to be creative and make a book of your own! Get Started Now!

The Mixbook Team

September 12, 2007

Trick Mixin’

Since we’ve been putting these posts off for way too long, we thought it would be a good idea to combine them into one super duper huge post! So here it is, the “Trick Mixin'” update … a compilation of a trick, some lick-the-spoon Mixing Bowl books, and a handy dandy mix-in treat.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading!

Trick My Mix – Scrapbook Type

This trick is similar to the last one, as it focuses on how to decorate the pages of your book with type/words. The following are three examples of how to integrate words by making text boxes look like the cute letter cut-outs you’d see in scrapbooks.



– The biggest part of this technique is picking a layout that has square text boxes. My personal favorite is the 4 photo layout with two text boxes (as seen in the pink layout), but you can experiment with any layout.

– Next think of any word or words that you’d like to represent in the boxes. Here we have “C-U-T-E” and a series of words (silly, goofy, funny, us being us) for the boxes. For the word “cute” we set the font to Chaparral Pro Bold and the size to 59 or 60, and centered it in the box. You may have to play around with this to get it right.

– Create a Custom Frame by selecting the border color from a color on the page, and setting the border thickness to “8,” which is the thickest setting. Then to create a colored text box go to the “more” button in the Frames section, and click on any background color of your preference. Set the transparency to 1.00 so that the background of the text box will be completely solid. Click “Save” and your custom frame will be saved for future use. Drag the custom frame onto your text boxes, and voila! There you have it! Letter cut-outs to personalize your Mixbook – who would have thought?

Play with your words – highlight only portions of text to enlarge,bold or italicize them. See below for our final example of this Scrapbook type method, then have at it!


The Mixing Bowl 5

This week’s Mixing Bowl is full of greens! Only one serving though, since we have jam packed this post full of other things.

Community Garden 2007 by Mark S., Lisa L. and Michelle B.

This book caught my eye because of the delicious fresh veggies that are on the front cover. This Mixbook is all about a group of folks that got together every week to spend an evening at a community garden. Months later, they enjoyed the literal fruits (and veggies) of their labor. This colorful and picturesque book makes gardening look like so much fun – I’m ready to pick up my gloves and go! I love how the Mixbookers used our textured backgrounds to add to the theme of the book – the first page has our grass background.


Mix-ins 4

This week’s Mix-ins come from our love of best friends and all the love they bring into our lives. Use a Mixbook to pay tribute to your best friend, the love of your life, or even 10 of your closest homies. Make a Mixbook about the memories and good times you have had together – just because. I’m willing to bet that your best bud will love it. Check out this sample from Mixbooker Libby S., and her best gal pal.


Well, that’s all she wrote for today. Enjoy!

August 31, 2007

Trick My Mix – Fun with Type

Today’s trick comes from a night of staying up late and experimenting with fun new ways to present the typed content of a book. Try these examples below in your own Mixbook!

1) ABC Type – this is what we call ABC type, because instead of typing regular content, you use letters to create a type of design on the page. This is how we got the look below:


– Choose a background and set it to 30% transparency (find this feature by clicking “more” in the background section of the Creator)

– Set the font to Cooper Black and the size to 45. Type the letters of the alphabet, or even use words related to the photo (see word example below).

– Change the colors of the fonts by highlighting selected text and clicking on the color palette to select a color. Then use your own eye to change the colors as you prefer.

2) Word Type – instead of using letters, use words to create a design.


How cool is that? We especially love this technique when it is used in a themed book. Change the words and the style depending on what your theme is (the book above was about a trip to Seaworld) – maybe use some of the following:

A book about France – Eiffel, Je t’aime, Oui, Ooh la la, Macarons, Croissant, Romantic, Love.

A book about your kids – Funny, Messy, Loud, Fun, Family, Sweet, Spunky, Caring, Loving, Imaginative, Creative, Youthful.

A book about your dog – Silly, Goofy, Playful, Curious, Cute, Lazy, Nosy, Cuddly, Fluffy, Puppy.

This is just one new way to make your Mixbook unique and interesting!

Dedicated to making Mixbooks better,

July 24, 2007

Mixbook News – Hot off the Presses

We got more blog coverage recently … this time from a few guys who know the technology behind all the Mixbook magic.

Thanks to Mike Potter and Ryan Stewart for blogging about us! We are so appreciative for the reviews, and hope that our blog readers will enjoy reading their posts. Read more here:

I especially like Ryan’s screen shots of the Mixbook Creator tool and book previewer:

Have fun!

July 23, 2007

The Mixing Bowl

Hey all, it’s Alison, writing my very FIRST post on the Mixbook blog. So exciting!

There have been lots of things going on here at the Mixbook World HQ because we’ve been using your feedback to update, improve, and make Mixbook the best it can possibly be.

In all of the hubbub, your lovely creations have not gone unnoticed – many of you have been churning out fantastic Mixbooks that are worthy of recognition and praise. So this part of our blog will regularly feature notable and unique Mixbooks made by you, the user!

Thus, the Mixing Bowl is born … a compilation of current Mixbooker goodness for all eyes to see. Check it out!

1) Our Wedding by Sherri J.
For all you Weddingbee readers out there, here’s some inspiration for a photo book you can give away to friends and family. Sherri’s May nuptials are beautifully laid out using simple colored backgrounds and lots and lots of photos. It’s Mixbook in an elegant and classic style.

Be sure to check out pages 18 and 19 to see Sherri’s collection of fun wedding moments in one of my favorite layouts!

2) Chile 2007 by Abby M.
Abby’s book is a great example of what to do after you go on a trip. Upload your photos to Mixbook and make a book with a funny narrative of your silly adventures. I love her lighthearted yet poignant outlook on the people of Chile. She also proves that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – this book has a lot to behold!

3) Uganda 2006 by David C. with Live Loud
Taking another trek across the globe, this Mixbook is all about the photos. Our full bleed pages allow the photographs to speak for themselves — each piece is a striking portrait of the life and condition of the Ugandan people. This book encourages the reader to have compassion by taking action to help, so that others can have hope. It’s a pretty powerful statement, and I find myself looking at the photos on pages 28 and 29 especially.

4) Beautiful Specific Details by birdie
This book is also surprising, and I love the different combinations presented – older photographs with new ones, along with black and white photos paired with sepia and colored photos. Her snippets about family and friends were touching and it looks like birdie had a lot of fun with this one!

5) San Francisco … on the bridge. by Rebecca P.
This book chronicles a day trip across the famous Golden Gate bridge, for Mixbooker Rebecca and her companions. I love that Rebecca used the color picker (found in the background section) to match the background to the photos AND used our custom frame tool to match the frames to the backgrounds! Great job, Rebecca!

Her story was sweet as well, chock full of adventure and laughter.

And there you have it! Take a look and create a book of your own, maybe you’ll find yourself in the Mixing Bowl one of these days.

Thanks for all the eye candy, Mixbookers! Keep up the good work!