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October 25, 2007

Mix-ins 8

Gather round everyone, it’s story time! Today’s story is about a phantom and his opera, illustrated by a group of Brazilian students. Thanks to Class 74 for the great Mixbook idea! Students rewrote the story in their own words and illustrated the story as a class, then scanned in their drawings and came up with a book that is a work in progress. It is such a cute project for any class, family or individual!


Hey now, we know you’ve got lots of stories to tell … so come up with an epic tale of your own, illustrate and publish it using Mixbook!

Once upon a Mixbook,

October 19, 2007

Mix-ins 7

A rhyme, a line, a Poetic verse that’s a Mixbook first. It’s a book of poetry!


Mixbook can publish your verbal works of art almost as fast as you can type them. Mixbooker Johanna has an in progress book that is filled with her lyrical verses of poetry. Each section of the book is broken down into “shades” – sepia, gold, jade and littered with poems of different sorts. Some delightful, some puzzling, some dark and deep. One of my favorite lines is from a poem called “A Walk in the Park”:

“I do have a repertoire of silly stories up my sleeve.
Before we leave, I shall make you endure a couple.
Just because I like to hear your laughter bubble up
Best of all is when we have to stop because

the giggles bend us double or the wind buffets us
like tangled puppets or the dog pulls too hard
in the rain and all the movement is suddenly slapstick,
plastic macs flapping stupidly. That tickles me.”

So try your hand at it, it doesn’t even have to rhyme.

I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it,

October 12, 2007

Mix-ins 6

On special occasions what better gift to give than a lovely memento that will remind the recipient how wonderful and blessed the event was … this Mixbook was a sweet sentiment from one friend to another before a wedding. This particular event was a bridal shower tea, but there are endless possibilities. Birthday parties, baby showers, bachelor parties, high school dances, summer camps, and more!


Mixbooks are inexpensive, and for one very good reason. We wanted to be able to make a lot of books about anything we wanted — for a good price. So that’s why we created a soft cover collaborative photo book. So go ahead, make Mixbooks just because. Document your life and finally print out those digital pictures that you have been waiting to see.

Then show us the results,

October 3, 2007

Mix-ins 5

Ah, the instruction booklet. Utilized by few, hardly revered by anyone. The few sheets of paper that it is comprised of speaks of the mundane and ordinary, but with a Mixbook you can make it so much more! This week our Mix-in comes from Mixbooker Michelle T. who did a great job of outlining the process of making a longboard. So take a cue from Michelle – instead of a boring old text-filled booklet, you can show each step of the do-it-yourself project along with a photo, helping to guide and instruct.


Another example of the instruction booklet is a recipe book. Photos of delectable food should encourage readers to get into that kitchen and start cooking! Take this Mixbook from two sisters … the food is almost real enough to taste, and the photos are key to inspiring others. Mmmm, I’m getting hungry already. Their recipe for Baked Salmon with Gruyere Scalloped Potatoes would be a tasty addition to any fall menu. So get your recipes together, make your own book and share it with us! Then the whole world can follow YOUR instructions … doesn’t that sound appetizing?


You know, this just proves that Mix-ins really are delicious.

Mix-in it up,

September 12, 2007

Trick Mixin’

Since we’ve been putting these posts off for way too long, we thought it would be a good idea to combine them into one super duper huge post! So here it is, the “Trick Mixin'” update … a compilation of a trick, some lick-the-spoon Mixing Bowl books, and a handy dandy mix-in treat.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading!

Trick My Mix – Scrapbook Type

This trick is similar to the last one, as it focuses on how to decorate the pages of your book with type/words. The following are three examples of how to integrate words by making text boxes look like the cute letter cut-outs you’d see in scrapbooks.



– The biggest part of this technique is picking a layout that has square text boxes. My personal favorite is the 4 photo layout with two text boxes (as seen in the pink layout), but you can experiment with any layout.

– Next think of any word or words that you’d like to represent in the boxes. Here we have “C-U-T-E” and a series of words (silly, goofy, funny, us being us) for the boxes. For the word “cute” we set the font to Chaparral Pro Bold and the size to 59 or 60, and centered it in the box. You may have to play around with this to get it right.

– Create a Custom Frame by selecting the border color from a color on the page, and setting the border thickness to “8,” which is the thickest setting. Then to create a colored text box go to the “more” button in the Frames section, and click on any background color of your preference. Set the transparency to 1.00 so that the background of the text box will be completely solid. Click “Save” and your custom frame will be saved for future use. Drag the custom frame onto your text boxes, and voila! There you have it! Letter cut-outs to personalize your Mixbook – who would have thought?

Play with your words – highlight only portions of text to enlarge,bold or italicize them. See below for our final example of this Scrapbook type method, then have at it!


The Mixing Bowl 5

This week’s Mixing Bowl is full of greens! Only one serving though, since we have jam packed this post full of other things.

Community Garden 2007 by Mark S., Lisa L. and Michelle B.

This book caught my eye because of the delicious fresh veggies that are on the front cover. This Mixbook is all about a group of folks that got together every week to spend an evening at a community garden. Months later, they enjoyed the literal fruits (and veggies) of their labor. This colorful and picturesque book makes gardening look like so much fun – I’m ready to pick up my gloves and go! I love how the Mixbookers used our textured backgrounds to add to the theme of the book – the first page has our grass background.


Mix-ins 4

This week’s Mix-ins come from our love of best friends and all the love they bring into our lives. Use a Mixbook to pay tribute to your best friend, the love of your life, or even 10 of your closest homies. Make a Mixbook about the memories and good times you have had together – just because. I’m willing to bet that your best bud will love it. Check out this sample from Mixbooker Libby S., and her best gal pal.


Well, that’s all she wrote for today. Enjoy!

September 6, 2007

Mix-ins 3

A Mixbook marriage made in heaven … or erm, cyberspace rather.

Mixbooker Joyce E. made a book with her family to celebrate her parents’ 60th wedding anniversary, complete with biographies on every child. This sweet book could be used for a family reunion where each family member could get a copy. It can be personalized with stories, inside jokes, and those memorable moments that deserve to be captured. A good way to get old photos converted into digital format is to send it off to be scanned and converted using a service like

A Mixbook is far cooler than those family reunion pens and t-shirts. Far far cooler.

From our Mixbook Family to yours,

August 30, 2007

Mix-ins 2

Another great usage for a Mixbook is showcased here in a book by Mixbooker Jennifer – she used it to show off the recital performances of her dance students. This is one way for each student to have a memory of their dance performance and the fun they had! Jennifer can post her Mixbook on the dance studio’s website and invite her students to order a Mixbook.

This is a great idea for any teacher! Check out her book and get some inspiration for your own Mixbook!



August 23, 2007


Mix-ins are that bit of yummy goodness that you add to make your Cold Stone Sweet Cream ice cream personalized to your tastes.

Mixbook “Mix-ins” are the same, they make a Mixbook that much sweeter. What can you do with a Mixbook to make it cooler than it already is? Here is one way:

Make a portfolio for your business to showcase your work in a professional soft-cover book, like two of our Mixbookers did:



This can boost your business and help you promote yourself without spending a lot of money. Mixbooks are relatively inexpensive if you need several copies of your book.

This is just one way to make a Mixbook oh-so-sweet … and useful too!

Join the Mixbookerade,