Autumn Scrapbook Designs

Summer is over, and it is time to get into autumn scrapbooking! When people think of fall colors, they tend to think of red, brown, and yellow hues. However, green, grey, and blue colors can compliment these shades quite well. Mixing in a pea or pine green amongst orange and yellow will echo the changing colors of tree leaves, while pairing bright colors with greyish blue tones hints at the upcoming cool weather.

For those who are building more traditional layouts, Autumn and Days of Autumn themed photo books offer lots of warm earth tones and neutral-colored backgrounds and stickers. If you are looking for a more modern design to showcase your photos, our pre-designed fall pages in our Contemporary Seasons or Seasonal Circles themes might be just the right fit for you.

Also, remember to look into other book themes as well because you just might find some useful stickers. For example, the apple slice stickers in the School Days theme will fit right in with the rest of your fall designs. Our A Year In Review theme offers some Thanksgiving and Halloween elements as well.

As always, our thousands of stickers, themes, and backgrounds are free to use! If you still want more stickers and backgrounds, some websites such as Shabby Princess and Computer Scrapbook offer digital scrapbooking kits you can download for free and then upload the images you want into your Mixbook project.

Need some more inspiration? Take a look at our Gallery to see what other Mixbookers are doing with their published projects. Below are a few of our staff picks:

For those who are taking a break from photo booking, we’ve also released tons of new Halloween  and Thanksgiving cards, a perfect way to send autumn greetings to your friends and family.

Happy Mixbooking!

2 Comments to “Autumn Scrapbook Designs”

  1. Folks: You desperately need to add the option to have a SLIP COVER for a hard cover book!!!
    A SLIP CASE should also be available!!!
    Also, there needs to be a SORT OPTION to use once the photos are uploaded. I name my photos so they will be in the order that I want for the book. That way a simple alphabetical sort will get them in the desired order in the set of images on the left of the composition screen.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE work on these options! Thank you.

    • Hi Ervin,
      We will definitely pass along your idea of offering a slip case for our hardback covers.
      In regards to sorting photos, we do offer the following 3 options:

      1) Sort by: Usage
      This will sort your pictures so that they match the order they are used in your project. It will also give the photos in the photo tray a green check mark, indicating that is it has been used.

      2) Sort by: Date Added
      This will sort your pictures in the order they were uploaded to the editor – the top photos being the most recently added.

      3) Sort by: Date Taken
      This will sort your pictures by the date it was taken – this can be found in your picture file information.

      All these options can be found at the bottom of the editor in a drop down menu, when clicked on the Photos tab.
      Additionally, you can also choose the check the box to the right of the drop down menu entitled “Hide Used.” This will hide all the photos that you have already placed in your project. We hope this helps!

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