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November 24, 2008

Holiday Shipping Deadlines!


Are you making a book for the holiday season as a gift to your loved one? If you are, make sure you get it ordered in time for Christmas! We’ve posted our holiday shipping deadlines so you can order your books on time to get there by December 24th!

Send someone the gift of memories this year!

Merry Mixbooking,


September 6, 2007

Mix-ins 3

A Mixbook marriage made in heaven … or erm, cyberspace rather.

Mixbooker Joyce E. made a book with her family to celebrate her parents’ 60th wedding anniversary, complete with biographies on every child. This sweet book could be used for a family reunion where each family member could get a copy. It can be personalized with stories, inside jokes, and those memorable moments that deserve to be captured. A good way to get old photos converted into digital format is to send it off to be scanned and converted using a service like

A Mixbook is far cooler than those family reunion pens and t-shirts. Far far cooler.

From our Mixbook Family to yours,

August 30, 2007

Mix-ins 2

Another great usage for a Mixbook is showcased here in a book by Mixbooker Jennifer – she used it to show off the recital performances of her dance students. This is one way for each student to have a memory of their dance performance and the fun they had! Jennifer can post her Mixbook on the dance studio’s website and invite her students to order a Mixbook.

This is a great idea for any teacher! Check out her book and get some inspiration for your own Mixbook!



August 23, 2007


Mix-ins are that bit of yummy goodness that you add to make your Cold Stone Sweet Cream ice cream personalized to your tastes.

Mixbook “Mix-ins” are the same, they make a Mixbook that much sweeter. What can you do with a Mixbook to make it cooler than it already is? Here is one way:

Make a portfolio for your business to showcase your work in a professional soft-cover book, like two of our Mixbookers did:



This can boost your business and help you promote yourself without spending a lot of money. Mixbooks are relatively inexpensive if you need several copies of your book.

This is just one way to make a Mixbook oh-so-sweet … and useful too!

Join the Mixbookerade,

July 19, 2007

Printing Mixbooks

Hi Mixbookers!

We’re sorry to say that we have to take ordering down for the next couple of days. We’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback on our printed books, and we’re going to be rolling out some major improvements over the weekend. Get ready for better and more beautiful Mixbooks!

For now, keep creating and publishing books. We’ll post here when ordering is back online, or send us an email and we’ll let you know when it’s ready. We should have it back up early next week. Have a great weekend!


July 4, 2007

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s my M i x b o o k !

Remember when it was actually fun and exciting to get a package in the mail because it just didn’t happen that often? Ah, those good ol’ days… Well, times have changed and nowadays online shopping sprees result in too many boxes, peanuts all over your carpet (or air-pacs if you get lucky), and shrink wrap galore–and it’s pretty much no big deal when you get another delivery.

I had become quite jaded myself…until I ordered a Mixbook that I worked on with my sister recently. When I came home from work yesterday, I just had this feeling and I could not be more excited to go check my mailbox. Ladies and gentlemen, let me just say that there’s nothing quite like getting your very own beautiful Mixbook creation shipped to your door, ready to be paged through, admired, wowed over, and passed around the office/neighborhood/classroom/social gathering/etc.

Here’s a little peek into my afternoon of happiness:

IMG_2936.JPG My Mixbook package goes so well
with my MacBook. Hmm…Mixbook. MacBook. Eerie. Ah, two great loves of my life. 🙂 Both brought into my world, courtesy of my husband (Shout out to the greatest love of my life!!)
IMG_2932.JPG See how peacefully it lies on my dining table.
IMG_2933.JPG Close up shot of how you can get to my place (if you can unblur my address).
IMG_2943.JPG I’m starting to get goosebumps right about now…
IMG_2944.JPG There it is!
IMG_2945.JPG First, we have the obligatory packing slip.
IMG_2951.JPG [play Overture from Romeo & Juliet]Ahh… I love it. ❤ It arrives to me in pristine condition thanks to the cool shrink wrap packaging. What a great feature!
IMG_2954.JPG It looks exactly like the screen version of my book and I can’t believe how crisp and true the colors are. Glossy cover, perfect binding, versatile size (8×8”) – Gosh, this feels great in my hands!
IMG_2955.JPG Let’s take a look at my title page…Shout out to my mom!
IMG_2956.JPG Mmmm….Bo’s California Rolls. Yum.
IMG_2957.JPG The sequel will definitely be my next project. Can’t wait to get another Mixbook published and sent to my little home!

It’s pretty amazing how Mixbook let me upload digital pictures that had just been hiding inside my Mac all this time, create beautiful pages with layouts, frames and backgrounds, and immortalize the cooking magic inside my brain into text on a page. Even better, I had so much fun collaborating on this recipe book with my favorite (and only) sister. It’s fun to share it online with friends and family, but I gotta say — it’s wonderful getting a fabulous, professionally printed book to have and to hold. 🙂

Now it’s your turn! Get started now.

–Rebekah, Mixbook Connoisseur

P.S. If you’re not a Mixbooker yet, post a comment and I’ll send you an invite.