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May 24, 2011

Throw a Cool Summer Party!

Summer themed cards

It’s summer time, and all this sunshine and warm weather calls for a party! Whether it is a birthday celebration or just for fun, we have some suggestions to keep you cool or entertained.

Pool or Beach party

Make a splash this summer by hosting a beach or pool party. Pack lots of sunblock and water to prevent sunburns or dehydration. Make sure to also invite adults to help chaperone and keep an eye on every one while they are playing in the water.

Pool Party card 1

Pool Party card 2

Surf Party card

Ice cream social
Chill out with a delicious ice cream soiree. Be sure to pick up at least different flavors of ice cream and a variety of toppings. Some of our favorites include peanuts, almonds, cherries, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel, sprinkles, and chopped up candy bars and baked goods.

Sweet Scoops card

Favorite Flavor card

Cupcake decorating

What’s a party without cake? Bake your own cupcakes or pick some up from a bakery if you are short on time. You can give a prize for most original design or have the cupcakes as prizes in a cake walk game.

Blue Cool Cupcake card

Pink Cool Cupcake card

Movie night:

If the weather is too hot to go out in, then stay indoors and enjoy a movie at your home or at the movie theater. To avoid last minute indecisiveness of what movie to watch, include the different options in your invitation and ask your guests to cast their vote in their RSVP.

Blue Fabulous Flicks card

Pink Fabulous Flicks card

Aqua Fabulous Flicks card

Throwing a different kind of themed party? No problem! All of our cards are customizable. Feel free to change up the designs to coordinate with your event. Check out our cards here.

What parties do you like to throw during the summer? Let us know and happy Mixbooking!