3 Tips for Capturing Fall Foliage

Well I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really just can’t get enough of the outdoors despite the chill (even if I am always freezing). The trees out here look as if they have been painted overnight and I’m worried I might miss out on the wonderful photo opportunities if I don’t act fast!

Weather condition

Like most people, I usually pass on picture taking if it is raining or still wet outside. However, moisture is actually key to making your photos appear much more vibrant. Leaves and foliage that are damp will have richer color as opposed to dried leaves, which might appear more washed out. If you are really against being rained on, try heading out early in the morning when the plants and trees are still dewy. You might even be lucky enough to capture misty or foggy backgrounds.

Time of day

Lighting plays a huge role in fall photographs. Colors look drastically different under a bright and clear afternoon sky versus a soft twilight sky. Depending on the time of day, you can try to capture rays of sun coming through the trees or even shooting silhouettes against the landscape just before dusk. Remember to bring a tripod or something that will help you steady the camera if you are shooting in dim light.

Mix it up!

No one really wants to see the same close up photos over and over again; it will get boring quite quickly. Try taking photos at different angles and perspectives such as a ground up shot or go for a nice panorama landscape by zooming out as far as possible.

Although this post is about capturing the essense of autumn in nature, keep in mind that you can also focus on other familiar fall scenes like your loved ones bundled up in their favorite coats and scarves or get a nice group photo over a warm Thanksgiving meal.

Until next time, Happy Mixbooking!

2 Comments to “3 Tips for Capturing Fall Foliage”

  1. Great photo!

  2. Great tips. It just stopped rain here and you’ve inspired me to get out there and take some pictures. Thanks.

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