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October 4, 2011

How to Upload Your Own Stickers

Did you know you could upload your very own stickers or elements from your existing digital scrapbooking kits? It’s super easy! Just make sure the images you wish to use are in PNG format  (most files from a digital scrapbooking kit are already saved in this format) which allows for the image to show up without a background. Files that are not in this format might appear with a square white background. You can tell a file is in PNG format if the file name ends with “.png” or if it says it is a “Portable Network Graphic”). You can also find out by right clicking on the image file and looking up the information under the “Get info” selection.

To save an image in PNG format, you will need to use Adobe Photoshop. Open the file you wish to use and select “File” then “Save As.” Choose PNG from the “Format” menu the click “OK”.

Once you have the stickers you want to upload to your project, open your project in the Editor.  On the left side of the Editor, click the “Add Stickers” tab to see the sticker tray. Then, click on the the “Add Stickers” button. A pop up window will appear, and you will see an “Upload Content” tab along the top of the window. Once you’re in the “Upload Content” tab, click “Select Stickers.” You can then locate and upload your stickers from your computer.


Happy Mixbooking!