Fraternity and Sorority Photo Book Themes are Here!

Sorority Photo BooksFraternity Photo Books

Sororities and fraternities play a very distinctive role in shaping your college experience. Although your undergraduate years will fly by quickly, brotherhood and sisterhood is a deep and everlasting bond. Our new sorority and fraternity photo books themes are a great way to commemorate and share your Greek Life experience. They also make excellent gifts for the entire house!

Fraternity photo book

Sorority photo book

Trying to decide what to include in your Greek life story? Read on for some inspiration:

Rush week

What made you choose your particular organization? What was your experience during the pledge period? Do you have a group picture of all the new pledges?

Greek Life

What was life like in your sorority or fraternity? Did your campus celebrate Greek Week? Did your house have any traditions or hold any formal events? Also, include fun facts about your organization. Decorate your photo book with your house colors, letters, and slogans. Don’t forget to include activities such as fundraisers, community service, ceremonies, banquets, formals, and any Greek counsel events.

Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Friends for Life

Dedicate a few pages to your Big Brother/Sister, your Little Brother/Sister, and the rest of your family tree. Better yet, you can invite them to collaborate with you and build a page of the fun times you shared together. You could also include a page of all the house officers or incoming and outgoing officers.

End of the year

Are there any ceremonies that your house holds? Get a picture of the graduating class.

Remember to take lots of pictures if you attend any reunions or other alumni activities! You can always create another photo book of your alumni experiences.

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