Hot Color Trends For Fall and Winter Weddings

fall winter wedding palette collageLooking forward to saying “I do” in the fall but are unsure of what colors to go with? Although black, brown, or grey are staple colors for autumn runways, pairing an earth tone with a bright hue can really make your wedding palette pop.. Here’s the rundown on what’s hot for fall 2011.

Autumn colors tend to be more bold and jewel-toned, but if you prefer a classic look, simply choose a more subdued shade of the same hue. For example, replace a bright peacock blue with a sky blue or pick coral shades over red or burgundy. Add gold to your palette to really bring out the richness of your wedding colors.

Deep, saturated purples, ranging from plum to eggplant, are another fall bride favorite. The regal shade will look stunning for bridesmaid gowns or as a pretty sash for the bride.

Olive green has been gaining popularity in the wedding world recently. This twist on a warm neutral works well with many different colors, making it easy to give your decor an elegant, yet trendy vibe. Pair this color with light creamy shades to give your wedding a softer, timeless feel, or use it to accentuate darker hues such as chocolate or plum for a bolder, sophisticated look in the colder autumn months.

Burnt orange and rust are also hot colors for fall. Try complementing this color with a medium or deep blue to make these warm colors glow. This is a color combination that is bright and playful, while hinting at the changing seasons – perfect for a September or October wedding.

For a more daring color scheme, select a golden yellow as your main color. Coordinate this color with deep reds and oranges for a striking contrast that pays tribute to the beautiful fiery leaves of autumn. Bring in brown-toned accents to tie the look together.

Were you an autumn bride? We’d love to read about your wedding palettes and any tips you have for future autumn brides in the comments!

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