The Inside Scoop on Wedding Photography and Stationery

Mixbook Wedding Countdown KitAttention, brides!  With wedding season underway, the Mixbook team is excited to introduce the Mixbook Wedding Countdown Kit!  We understand that wedding planning on a budget can be pretty stressful, so we assembled this handy guide for wedding photography and stationery to help you make the most of your special day with as little stress and anxiety as possible. We’ve included all kinds of helpful information such as:

– How to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Photographer
– Make the Best of Your Engagement Photo Shoot
– Tips for Saving Money on Wedding Stationery
– Wedding Stationery Timeline

and so much more!  Just click here to download your free PDF copy of the Countdown Kit and learn how you can stretch your wedding budget with a little preparation and DIY spirit!

If you do not have a pdf reader, you can find the free Microsoft Word version here.


4 Comments to “The Inside Scoop on Wedding Photography and Stationery”

  1. We ordered a mixbook to use as a guest book at my daughter’s wedding. It turned out fabulous; however, we’re not sure what kind of pen to use on the glossy paper. The ones we have tried are smearing/smudging.

  2. We just received our Mixbook guestbook for our daugther’s wedding and it looks fabulous. The right pen is our concern too. Would the new Sharpie retractable pen with a fine point work as well as a Sharpie marker with fine point? The pen’s look nicer and say smear RESISTANT but not non-smearing but it is acid free!

    • Hi Ann,
      Do pass along a Congratulations to your daughter from the Mixbook team! 🙂 We recommend using a permanent fine-tip pen that is acid free. You can find these at craft stores or scrapbooking stores. You may also use ultra-fine tipped permanent pens, as those will not smear (after they dry) – but we always recommend using acid free permanent pens on our books.

      We hope that this helps!

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