Hot Wedding Trend: Handmade Centerpieces

One of the hottest wedding trends right now is adding a special personal touch to reception décor.  That’s why the Mixbook team has thought up a few easy DIY ideas for charming handmade centerpieces that your guests will adore.  Keep reading below to find out how you can win a 40% off coupon for your next Mixbook photo book!

Photo Trees

All you need to make lovely photo trees is a bunch of sticks from your backyard, your favorite photos, and some crafting items like ribbons, cloth flowers, beads, glitter, glue, and paint.  The basic idea is to attach photos to the branches and then add embellishments that match your wedding theme.  For a weeping willow look, attach a piece of ribbon to your photos and then tie the other end to the branches.  If you’re using tea light candles on your tables, be sure to place them far enough away from the dangling photographs!

You can also glue your photos to the top of the branches to make your centerpiece really look like a tree.  The extra space between photographs can be filled in with small cloth flowers, bows, beads, or anything else you desire to give your photo sculpture the perfect look.

Photo Book Stacks

A centerpiece idea that will give your guests something to talk about is a dressed-up stack of photo books.  Use Mixbook to make any number of books of your favorite moments, and then pretty them up by piling them on a piece of mirror and scattering candles and flower petals on the table.  The great thing about this centerpiece is that you can plan which books to display based on who is sitting at each table.   Add an interesting twist by creating photo books with wedding guest book pages so that your guests can jot down their favorite memories!

Photo Vases

These centerpieces are easy to transport and can be assembled very quickly on site at your wedding reception venue.  All you have to do it group together 4-5 clear glass vases of different shapes and sizes at the center of each table, and then put some river stones or colored-glass pebbles at the bottom of each vase.  Insert a favorite photo, your wedding invitations, or other items that are special to you and in a few minutes, you have elegant centerpieces that won’t take up much of your decoration budget.  Set a few lit candles near your photo vases for a soft, flickering light.  Voila!


Do you have any fabulous creative ideas for wedding centerpieces?  Share them below in the comments section for a chance to win a 40% off coupon for your next Mixbook project.  Check back next week on our Facebook page to see if you’ve won!


14 Comments to “Hot Wedding Trend: Handmade Centerpieces”

  1. I have always loved Christmas trees with white lights for December weddings. It would be so cute to have one (or several) with the clear glass balls and put a photo down in each of the balls.

  2. I really like the idea of photo vases!!

    I think photo costers would be a great idea too.

  3. Blow up photos of the bride and groom, from either them growing up or present day and mount them on foam board, cut around the figures, put on a stand and you can use them as either centerpieces or place near the sign in book.

  4. Homemade candies/ deserts for every table in different size glass jars with ribbon tied around them. It adds a “sweet” touch to every table and every mouth!

  5. I’m doing 8×8 cardstock squares on each table with a little post-it saying please write the bride and groom a message or sign your name etc. Then I’m going to put it in my 12×12 wedding scrapbook with pictures of the people at the table around their messages/ signatures square. So I can have something from each table for my scrapbook. I’m excited about it.

  6. Put wine corks in a clear vase instead of water & then add your flowers!!!!

  7. The theme of our wedding was James 1:17 “Every Good and Perfect Gift is From Above”, so our wedding ceterpieces were boxes wrapped as gifts in black, white and red wrapping paper with beautiful bows. There were all different designs of paper, different bows and the stacks of packages were 3 or 4 boxes each but stacked all different. It ended up being a beautiful addition to go with the theme (and cheap too)!!

  8. Save glass jars and lids to make unique snow globes matching your theme.

  9. print pictures (of bride & groom), then add cardstock borders/mattes & put one at each table for the guests to sign the borders – they would be great keepsakes after the wedding!
    U could even change the pictures after the wedding – put a group shot of each table with their borders which hold their signed names.

  10. Hello Mixbookers! Thank you all for your fantastic centerpiece ideas. We have a winner from our random drawing for a 40% off coupon code, and the winner is….Kelli Little!

    Thank you again, and stay tuned for future chances to win more Mixbook coupons!

  11. Blow up photos of the bride and groom, from either them growing up or present day and mount them on foam board, cut around the figures, put on a stand and you can use them as either centerpieces or place near the sign in book.

  12. Save glass jars and lids to make unique snow globes matching your theme.

  13. For our sons wedding, we did gift photos of our guest.
    We hired a seperate photographer to capture our guest arrival.
    We set up a staging area, near the door, that cordinated to match the wedding theme.
    As each couple, or family arrived they were photographed.
    When the thank yous for the wedding were sent, they included a professional photo, of that person.
    We also made a guest book, of all the wedding guest photos, for the bride and groom.
    It has become a treasured keepsake for them.All their friends and family captured in ‘their moment’
    ps. As a side note, their guest loved the photo’s. Everyone was relaxed and shining in their wedding attire.
    A true token of love!

  14. Disposable camera covers to place over the camera’s would be nice. I made some myself on publisher one time. Also, a photo story book of the bride and groom could be placed at each table and given to the bridesmaids and groomsmen afterwards, family members, or parents, in coordinating colors. How about magnet save the date cards. I know Mixbook would be prettier than some of those I’ve received.

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