Kicking Off the School Year with Mixbook!

As the school season starts getting into full swing, we here at Mixbook have noticed teachers using Mixbook photo books in a very cool way.  Paula Naugle, a fourth grade teacher located in New Orleans, recently blogged about how she has created a Mixbook project to record her classroom events throughout the entire school year.  Aviva Dunsiger, a first grade teacher in Canada is also creating an electronic classroom yearbook with her students which can be viewed on her blog.  We salute you for your creative use of technology in the classroom and look forward to seeing more interesting Mixbook projects with your students!

Have you used Mixbook in your classroom or know of any teachers using it in an innovative way? Tell us about it in the comment section below.  We would love to hear from you!


One Comment to “Kicking Off the School Year with Mixbook!”

  1. I have used Mixbook in my Romeo and Juliet study with my Junior High class. I created a Mixbook on the play, covering Shakesperian terms, background history of the plot, character sketches, and then had my students use the Mixbook to find story analysis questions, activities, and more. My entire unit was based upon the Mixbook. In return, the students did their notes and analysis in their own Mixbooks – then we shared, compared, and commented on each others. It was a great way to collaborate and celebrate our digital citizenship! Find it at:

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