A New Feature is Coming…

Hi Mixbookers!

Andrew Laffoon here, live from the Mixbook HQ.  It’s 3am, and it’s time for our weekly feature release!  In order to whet your appetite for this weeks new features, I’ve included some sweet Flickr photos of our new features below.  This is going to be a powerful new release, and you will have the ability to do some amazing things with your photos that you cannot do anywhere else on the web!

Two Page View

With two page view, you can drag photos to the full size of the spread and make beautiful layouts like this one.

Two Page View at Mixbook over Lake Tahoe

It’s easy to do…

Trees over Tahoe on Mixbook

And…imagine how beautiful it’s going to look in print.  Oh, yes. 🙂

Keep making your great books, and we’ll keep making awesome improvements to Mixbook!  Let us know what you think about the new feature once you use it – feedback at mixbook dot com.

Andrew Laffoon
Chief Mixbooker


3 Comments to “A New Feature is Coming…”

  1. I have tried doing this and I am difficulty. Can you please post the steps you used.


  2. THis is indeed a good feature. In addition to using it to blow up a picture over 2 pages, I have used it to insert a picture that I use as the background for the page on which I then overlay my photos.
    It would be good if there was a way to modulate these picture such as make them semitransparent or fade them so when used a a background they are muted allowing the main pictures to stand out.

  3. Wow, didn’t know I could do this…. I might have to get a mix book made/printed!

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