The Mixing Bowl 12: New Collaborative Books

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a wonderful 2007, and we wish you the best 2008 ever!

The year is off to a great start with “The Mixing Bowl” back in action. We’re excited to share some of the new books that have been made on our site as well as the ones that have been made through Facebook. It’s so exciting to see books that have been made with the click of a button — it’s the beginning of some really new innovations.

In any case, we’d like to start off with some picturesque views and fun commentary courtesy of this Mixbook –

Utah Extravaganza 2007 by Nik H.


This book follows four friends through their trek into Zion National Park – complete with stunning views, awesome photos of Antelope Canyon, and photographs scattered with beautiful sunlight. This Mixbook is fun to page through after all the hubbub of the holidays – it is simple and creative, marked with notes about the highlights of the trip.

This is great inspiration for the globe trekkers out there, as well as those of you who have hard drives chock full of photos from the past year. Take some time to upload them to and you can make a book about your year in review.

One of our resident Mixbookers made a book about her year in review – all the highlights, special people, events, and even a hairdo change! Her book will remind her of all the memories of 2007 and then some.

2008 should be great,

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