The Mixing Bowl 11

We’ve talked about pets before, but Mixbooks about them seem to be popping up here and there! We love one in particular about a dalmatian named Queen. The photography is exceptional, and the use of different layouts and matching backgrounds (the grass background with grass photos) make this book outstanding. I love that Queen’s owner took so much time to lovingly record the antics of this unique breed of dog. This book, along with two other dog books are too cute for words!

1) Queen by Miguel A.


2) Meet Isolda the Pug by Nelson F.


Isolda is a cutie, and her owners dressed her up in some bike leather! Wow. What a hip dog. Pugs are funny dogs, but I think Isolda is more than just funny. This goes to show that a simple book can still be really neat.

3) Bella by Travis H.


This trial book is worth a look because of the beautiful pup that graces its cover. Chronicle your dog’s life from the very beginning — watch them in their element, playing, eating, and even lounging around.

Panting for more?


One Comment to “The Mixing Bowl 11”

  1. Hi all!

    Thanks for your opinions about my Queen´s album. I love her. So it was easy to take the best part of my dog, and to put it within the pictures (Or at least, that was I intended to do).

    In my blog you may see another version of this one. I hope you´ll enjoy.

    Greetings from Spain.

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