The Mixing Bowl 9

As fall continues to come upon us, I’m reminded of the beauty of the fall weather. Crisp, cool, and laden with rain or snow. All across the country, fall manifests itself in changing leaves and windy days. Here in northern California the fall season is interesting, since weather tends to be pretty mild. In any case, here’s a look at fall in three different cities, from three different Mixbooks.

1) Boston by Christina B.

This book chronicles a year in the life of a Harvard grad student. There are many pictures of Boston landmarks, marked by the change of seasons in Boston. A Red Sox win, Quincy Market, a Harvard-Yale football game, turkeys and pumpkins!


2) Ladies in San Francisco by Annie S. with Kari M. and Nora G.

Almost every famous San Francisco sight shows up in this Mixbook – the Golden Gate, fog, Chinatown, Ghirardelli, sea lions and the Bush Man! This book looks like such fun.


3) Fairweather Friends by Alison T. (hey, that’s me!)

Seattle’s gray skies and falling rain make for good “hot chocolate and warm blanket” days. Our visit to the Pacific Northwest was an adventure, with fun every step of the way.


Enjoy the fall … wear lots of layers and make a Mixbook.



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