Trick My Mix – Fun with Type

Today’s trick comes from a night of staying up late and experimenting with fun new ways to present the typed content of a book. Try these examples below in your own Mixbook!

1) ABC Type – this is what we call ABC type, because instead of typing regular content, you use letters to create a type of design on the page. This is how we got the look below:


– Choose a background and set it to 30% transparency (find this feature by clicking “more” in the background section of the Creator)

– Set the font to Cooper Black and the size to 45. Type the letters of the alphabet, or even use words related to the photo (see word example below).

– Change the colors of the fonts by highlighting selected text and clicking on the color palette to select a color. Then use your own eye to change the colors as you prefer.

2) Word Type – instead of using letters, use words to create a design.


How cool is that? We especially love this technique when it is used in a themed book. Change the words and the style depending on what your theme is (the book above was about a trip to Seaworld) – maybe use some of the following:

A book about France – Eiffel, Je t’aime, Oui, Ooh la la, Macarons, Croissant, Romantic, Love.

A book about your kids – Funny, Messy, Loud, Fun, Family, Sweet, Spunky, Caring, Loving, Imaginative, Creative, Youthful.

A book about your dog – Silly, Goofy, Playful, Curious, Cute, Lazy, Nosy, Cuddly, Fluffy, Puppy.

This is just one new way to make your Mixbook unique and interesting!

Dedicated to making Mixbooks better,


2 Comments to “Trick My Mix – Fun with Type”

  1. hey that last idea is good, never thought of that

  2. Great idea! Thanks1

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