Fresh Features on a Friday!

We’re back after a week of being MIA, so we thought we would spice it up and bring you more fun! This is the start of regular weekly posts to give you more Mixbook goodness! We know that’s what you want after all. So tune in each week to read our feature Mixbook articles, in addition to our other blog posts:

MondayThe Mixing Bowl, a selection of Mixbooks that tickle our fancy. Look out, yours might end up here!

Wednesday Mix-ins, a few good ideas for books and what to do with them.

Friday – Trick My Mix, we’re doling out helpful expert tips and tricks to make your Mixbook the best it can be. Think of this as the extras section on a DVD – an added bonus! And since today is FRIDAY, it’s time to get started.

Trick My Mix – the Mixbook Creator

Trick #1 – many people don’t realize that when you’re using the Creator that you can enlarge the tool drawer area to view more of your photos, layouts, frame selection, and backgrounds. Just click on the sidebar and drag it out to the desired size you’d like (up to 5 rows wide) and VOILA! There you have it … a larger viewing area to improve your Mixbook creativity!

Just a regular ol’ drawer … happy and carefree. But click and drag, and you have …


A drawer that is now large and in charge.

Trick #2 – This is not so much a trick as it is a tip. Save yourself some time and add photos that you’ve already uploaded for another book. Do you need more pictures of grandma for your book? Click on “Add Photos” and select “From Mixbook” to add photos from your other books. You’ve just shaved minutes off the upload process so you can get to creating your book!

If you have any tips you want to share with other Mixbookers, email us at Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed if you like what you see!

Just keep Mixbookin’,


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